Welcome to Our Liddlme Family!

Liddlme is a family-owned Southern California small business that was formed by two brothers and their families. The Rosa family recently came to the realization that lately their lives revolve around 2 things: kids and creativity.

Joey and Thai welcomed their first child in Feb of 2018. You'll see sassy little Kaia in many of the Liddlme photos!

Brian has been a public school teacher since 2009, living a different type of “kids ‘round the clock” lifestyle. So yea.. kids.

As for creativity, Joey graduated from – and now teaches at – the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. He has helped brand dozens of purpose-driven kids companies and non-profits, and Brian has created hundreds of lesson plans and math activities to keep students engaged in the classroom. His current focus is on making teacher-assisted online education more accessible to K-12 students.

Together, Joey, Brian and the rest of the Rosa fam decided there ought to be a brand of sunglasses devoted entirely to little ones. This new creative endeavor became known as Liddlme and hatched in 2018. We invite you to join our Liddlme family :)