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  • Baby Sunglasses

    Baby Sunglasses

    Let's be honest; babies are too cool for school! So why not give them the gift of style to amp their cuteness while protecting their little eyes? Introducing Liddlme Baby Sunglasses: stylish, polarized, comfortable sunglasses designed with babies in mind! Now you can ensure your little one is looking fab and fabulous while keeping their sensitive eyes safe from sun damage. See Collection
  • Head Straps

    Head Straps

    Are you worried about your baby’s sunglasses not staying on? Say goodbye to slipping, sliding shades with Liddlme Head Straps! Our innovative head straps are the perfect solution for parents who want the sun to stay out of their baby's eyes and the frames to stay in place. See Collection
  • Toddler Sunglasses

    Toddler Sunglasses

    Introducing Liddlme Toddler Sunglasses, the perfect accessory for your special sunshine! These protective and stylish sunglasses feature flexible, comfortable frames designed to fit toddlers’ faces perfectly. Parents, you can rest assured that your little one will stay safe from the sun’s damaging rays – with lenses that are 100% UV400-blocker, both their eyes and skin will remain protected all day long. See Collection